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Flat Roof Repairs

At Watertight Roofing (SW) Limited, we are experts in high quality roof repairs and maintenance,  with many years of experience, we have built a great reputation as a reliable, local company. Roof repairs are essential in maintaining your roofs longevity and can prevent high costs in the future if tended to at the right time.

Generally, flat roof repairs are required as a result of either;

a leak caused by impact (debris such as a slipped tile or a branch) or,

 a one off localised area due to poor workmanship/failed material.

Flat Roof Repair

If you choose Watertight Roofing for your flat roofing repair, you wont be disappointed. We offer a professional and honest service, providing you free quotations on your flat roof repair requirements.

Contact us for all flat roofing needs including flat roof repairs in Plymouth.
completely perished flat roof
Flat roof renewal using torch on felt

Flat roofing services available at Watertight Roofing (SW) Limited:

At Watertight Roofing (SW) Limited, we cover a wide range of flat roofing options, for example:
For roof installation and repairs in Plymouth, 
call Watertight Roofing (SW) Limited on 
01752 267824
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