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Tile Roofs

Pitched roofs are considered a more traditional style of roof system and are beneficial in many ways.

Not only does the design and angle of the roof allow rainwater to easily run off which avoids pooling,
but they are durable and generally more weather resistant in comparison to flat roofs.

Tile Roofs Plymouth

There are several different types of tiles that can be used on a pitched roof, including flat, round and square profiles as well as concrete or clay. Roofing experts at Watertight Roofing (SW) Limited can create the perfect roof for you. The symmetrical look of tiled roofs gives your home the sophisticated look it deserves.
Here Double Romans, a concrete profile tile, was used for the best possible finish
Repairs and replaced damaged tiles is also a service we offer

Need a tile repair?

We can repair and replace any damaged or lost tiles with ease. Whether you want a whole new roof or just a quick fix, contact your local roofers at Watertight!
For roof installation and repairs in Plymouth, 
call Watertight Roofing (SW) Limited on 
01752 267 824 or 07828 798 989
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