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Slate Roofs

Pitched roofs are considered a more traditional style of roof system and are beneficial in many ways.

Not only does the design and angle of the roof allow rainwater to easily run off which avoids pooling,

but they are durable and generally more weather resistant in comparison to flat roofs.

Natural slate being used to give this home a stylish exterior

Natural Vs Manmade Slate

On a pitched roof, roofers can use Natural slate and Manmade Slate.

Natural Slate is a hard-wearing and reliable material that makes your roof look truly spectacular! It is long lasting option for your roof, giving your home a more stylish exterior that adds to the value of your property. 

Manmade Slate is a cheaper but just as effective option for your pitched roof. They are lightweight but still durable and look just as good at the natural slate!
Manmade slates are being used here to support a durable and smart looking finish

Need a slate repair?

If you're looking for a small slate repair or a full new roof, Watertight Roofing (SW) Limited are available to help! With our years of experience and hands-on approach, there's nothing we can't do!

Contact us on 01752 267824 or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
For roof installation and repairs in Plymouth, 
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